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A Daring Sacrifice

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

A Daring Sacrifice is a historical reverse Robin Hood retelling by Christian writer Jody Hedlund. The cloaked Bandit, AKA Juliana Wessex, the rightful heir to the land, has been stealing from the nobility for years, but if anybody found out who she was, she would indeed be in grave danger. Years ago, her Uncle, Lord Wessex, attacked her family and took her land, but when her father tried to take it back, lord Wessex killed him. Forced to hide, Juliana Made the forest her home and stealing to help her people pay for their outrageous taxes. When Juliana steals from Colin Goodrich, she thinks nothing of it, but Colin remembers who Juliana is by her red hair when he chases after her. Colin doesn't know what has happened to Juliana and her family, but when he sees she is stealing, he decides to change that and challenges her to be a noblewoman for one week. Stuck between two lives, Juliana doesn't know who to turn to when her Uncle comes for her.

The storyline for A Daring Sacrifice was excellent and entertaining, but the writing wasn't outstanding. At times you just knew what was going to happen next, and it wasn't a big surprise, but it was still entertaining. I think Colin's feelings for Juliana progressed too quickly, but it was also charming at times. Overall I did really like A Daring Sacrifice, and I hope you also do!

Things to mention: Some people are tortured.

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