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A Catholic Girl Reads Gift Set: St. Valentine's Edition 2023

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Hey everybody! I had so much success and a lot of fun putting together my Christmas Gift Set that I decided to do another: A Catholic Girl Reads Book Set: St. Valentine's Day!

The theme of this set will be Valentine's and will include one surprise book and girly accessory items for purchase for my readers, friends, or family.

I put together a gift set that I would love to receive in the mail, and it would be the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, a granddaughter, or anyone else who would enjoy a Valentine's or Galantine's package this year! (Perfect for high schoolers).

For my gift set, I picked out one of my favorite books to send in this gift set as a surprise and it is a wonderful clean christian romance story to make you feel all good inside! This book is written by an incredible contemporary author and is the first book in a series.

This novel was recommended to me by my cousins and I couldn't believe I never read it before. I received this novel when I was 14 and have read it many times since then! It would be appropriate and enjoyed by anyone 13 years or older, but I would personally it for high schoolers.

Some Book Set Info to Know:

  • Genres: romance, young adult, historical, Christian, fairytale

  • Goodies: romance novel, high end nail polish, yummy chocolate, perfume roller bottle infused with essential oils, and more!

  • Age Range and Reading Level: 13+ and High School

  • Price: $22 and FREE shipping

All of the extras I have added to the gift set are perfect for getting you ready for Saint Valentine's Day!

Although the contents are a mystery, I know any girl opening up this set will enjoy the goodies inside. This package has more than just a book! It has something to read, taste, smell, wear, and more.

Scroll down to learn how to grab your St. Valentine's Gift Set now!


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A Catholic Girl Reads Gift Set: St. Valentine's Edition 2023 is only going to be $22 with FREE shipping! (Currently, I am only selling and shipping in the United States, not internationally, though this might change in the future). Limited sets are available. First come, first serve.

Steps to buy St. Valentine's Gift Set:

  1. Send $22.00 either through Paypal or Venmo and add the delivery address in the subject line.

  2. Wait by the window for your gift to arrive.

  3. Read and enjoy your new book + gift set!




Feb 01, 2023

These photos are dreamy, love your nails! Lily loved the Christmas box you sent out - can’t wait for this one! Your book recommendations are our favorite!!

Grace Donahue
Grace Donahue
Feb 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much! I’m so glad she liked the Christmas Book Set!



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