Top 10 Books and Book Series of 2021 for Teens

As 2021 has ended and a new year has begun, I wanted to share my favorite novels and book series this year. I have read about a hundred books last year, and so I am very excited to share my favorites of them all! One of my goals in 2021 was to expand my reading genres, and I am happy that it did! I have found a plethora of books than I would not have found if I had stayed to the same categories. The books I have liked the best and will read again include classics, mysteries, Catholic fiction and non-fiction, and romance. I hope you all have an incredible new year! God bless!

1: A Girl of the Limberlost


Age Range: 12 and up

Elnora Comstock is a poor but smart sixteen-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to go to highschool. She lives in the country, and the only high school is in the nearby city, a three-mile walk, so she has to go there and back every day. Elnora has no money for school, books, or new clothes but is determined to go even though she gets harassed by her mother.


2: The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch