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Long May She Reign

Updated: Jun 12


Age Range: 13 and up

Freya never could quite fit in with the king and his court and would rather be in her lab making scientific discoveries than going to balls and parties, but when a mass murder occurs and hundreds die, Freya suddenly finds herself, Queen. Being 23rd in line to the throne, Freya never imagined that she could one day rule, and it doesn't matter if she didn't want to be Queen or that no one respects her, because she does it have a choice and must now rule a nation. After the death of hundreds of Nobles and Royals, the ones left must find the murderer before they too are killed. Freya feels like everyone around her is either using, controlling, or against her, and the only way for Freya to survive is to find the person who killed the court, no matter the cost.

Long May She Reign is a clean fantasy/mystery novel about a girl who didn't want to be Queen. This novel was pretty enjoyable but not one of my favorites, mainly because I wouldn't say I like fantasy fiction, even though Long May She Reign didn't technically have any magic or anything. I did think the story was original and compelling, and I couldn't stop reading until I found out who murdered the king and pretty much all his court. I also liked how the main character wasn't the prettiest or most popular or had many friends like many other books that I've read. Freya was kind of plain in appearances, only had one friend, and was into science. There was a bit of romance in this book, but it wasn't that good, and I feel like the author was forcing it a bit. I didn't see how they would like each other at all, so I feel like Long May She Reign could have been better on the writing portion, but the story itself was excellent and hard to put down.

Things to Mention: In this fantasy story, some people believe in higher creatures called The Forgotten, but none of the main characters believe in them. There is some violence, including Freire finding out about hundreds of people dying, some fighting, and a few other minor things. There are a few kisses with no details.

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